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[Ares] Bunkerable

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Squatters’ Rights

You can now specify that Battle Bunkers, for example, can be captured by enemy infantry just by having them walk in and garrison the building as if it were their own.


[BuildingType]►Bunker.Raidable= (boolean)

Whether or not this building can be garrisoned by an enemy player’s infantry, provided the building is not already occupied.


If Bunker.Raidable=yes is set and the building is empty then the building can be garrisoned by any player’s infantry. When another player garrisons the building, ownership is transferred to that player. At this point the building can only be further garrisoned by the player whose troops are inside. If the occupants leave the building then ownership of the building is transferred back to its original owner. Whilst a building is held by a player that is not the “true” owner, that building cannot be sold.






ถ้าเราเอาคนเข้าป้อม Bunker soviet อีกฝ่ายจะเป็นของเราเเต่ขายไม่ได้จ๊ะ เเต่ถ้าออกจากป้อม ก็เป็นของมันเเต่ฝ่ายมันขายได้ทำไรปกติ




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